Furniture that create the shop!

For almost 20 years, we have been developing the acquired knowledge and experience that allowed our small plant become a big and modern company. We have arranged our wide range of machines on a surface of 2000m2. These machines enable full range processing of wood and wood-like materials, mechanical and thermal processing of steel profiles and our own paint shop also allows to apply powder and liquid coating to surfaces.

Our specialty is shop furniture, in which we put the most modern ideas of designers into life.

Our services are mainly aimed at chain Clients.

Furniture manufactured by Sector F is not only the shop furnishings, but it is also an elegant decoration of the interior that gives it an appropriate character and attractive looks. We do our best and make every effort for the furniture to become a symbol of your shop and a visual element recognized by your clients. Moreover, we take care that they fulfil their task, due to careful and reliable construction for a long period of time. Our realizations combine elements of functionality, ergonomics, as well as diverse designs with a balanced level of costs.


Advantages attributed to our furniture:

Manufacturing, delivery and installation of the furnishings

The Sector F Company offers modern, durable and aesthetic furniture to its clients. The furniture is made from all commonly used materials, as well as technologies that combine various types of raw materials. We possess highly efficient productions lines that complete orders at an express pace. Ordered furniture is delivered on an agreed date, also at night and on non-working days to make transport and assembly maximally efficient.



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Get in contact with our company already during the stage when you adapt and arrange the interiors. This will give you a guarantee that the entire potential of the shop is used without a necessity to carry out any further alterations of the arrangement.

High quality products and services are guaranteed to all and every potential partner of our company. High standard of cooperation, professional assistance, attractive prices and short time of the order realization.

We are always open to interaction with ambitious companies that want to supplement their offer or establish cooperation.

Feel free to contact us.

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